Friday, 1 April 2011

Which course to pursue after school? Confused?

Exams are over !  Student and Parents want the better institute for their wards higher education. It’ is confusing for both parents and students, The mind is stagnant with common queries like what do I want to be?, where do I  take admission? What will be the cut off list? Will I get admission in the  college of  my choice? and many more…

When you endeavor for higher education after school, there are some basic factors that should be borne in mind in choosing an educational institution that will give the best to you amongst the rest.

Choice of a career training course Institute requires serious considerations. Wrong choice can cost you dear in the long run. National Consumer Helpline has listed few points to keep in mind while choosing an institute as it is crucial decision of your life. It includes:

There are several schools in the market that are offering several courses but they are not registered. So, while choosing the right institute you may also consider the prospects of advanced courses in the institute.

• Choose an institution  after proper verification of  past records.
• Always prefer registered and govt. sponsored institution. It should be affiliated to a university or be accredited to one.
• In the case of private institutions, collect the details of management team and their responsibilities.
• Performance of the center.
• Library, Reference Material, Reading Section.
• Records, History, Ranking, Alumni.
• Understand the fee details clearly, before making payment.
• Always insist on receipts for all payments.
• Make payment in installments.
• Collect information on settlement of disputes/cases.
• The course structure should be designed in a way that practicals are  an integral and compulsory part of the curriculum.
• The institute should update its syllabus on regular basis.
• The institute should hold placements based on seminars, talks, training programs, fairs, and workshops that enhance the students skills.
• The institute should have an extra curriculum department as it gives one the opportunity to develop one self in soft skills and inculcate a team player attitude.

Parents play a crucial role in choosing the best institute for their child. Parents have to be careful while choosing an institute as it is a crucial decision that shapes your child’s future in a decisive way.

All parents are advised to analyze and discuss the interest of their child while deciding on higher education. They should not compel their decision on their children; it could lead to harmful results. They are the best teacher or learner for their children so, the responsibility of parents are more.

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